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Engineering Asset Finance

Engineering Finance

From Drilling tools and Commercial Saws, to CNC Machines and Welding Equipment, we’ve got you covered with our incredible engineering finance options to streamline your upgrades.

Constriction Asset Finance

Construction Finance

Drills, Bulldozers, Cranes, Drilling Equipment and otherwise can be expensive to cover upfront  – whatever your needs, our affordable construction finance will help your business grow.

Agriculture Asset Finance

Agriculture Finance

We support the agriculture industry by providing amazing options on Grounds Equipment, Combine Harvesters, Tractors, and even Live Stock! Contact now to find out about Agriculture Asset Finance.

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance

With competitive rates and our flexible approach, you will get the very best deal for you on your new car, saving you money along with a hassle-free experience with our custom asset finance.

Fairground Finance

Fairground Finance

As one of the UK’s leading fairground equipment funders, we understand your industry and can help you achieve your ambitions. We finance Fairground rides and machinery, Vehicles, Kiosks & more!

Woodworking Finance

Woodworking Equipment

We have a great understanding of woodworking finance and the challenges/opportunities facing the industry. Our team can help you finance CNC routers, Milling machines, Saws, Jointers & more!

Manufacturing Finance

Manufacturing Finance

Our specialist Manufacturing Finance team can help you acquire assets such as Food processing equipment, Large mechanical presses, Textile and embroidery equipment, Robotic welders and more.

Leisure Finance

Transport Finance

We offer a wide range of flexible, competitive, and diverse business finance solutions that will help your Transport business grow and succeed.
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Our Mission Is to Help Business &  Industry thrive with affordable finance options.

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Whatever the size and nature of your business, we provide affordable finance options for a range of sectors and purchaseables to help your business in both the present and future.

Our finance options to help you grow.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is used by businesses in all industries to fund a multitude of different assets. Here at SAF we understand the pressure of building a successful business, and the fundamental role that your equipment and machinery have to play in that.

Asset Finance

Business Loans

Swedish Asset Finance offer business loans designed to cater to the needs of limited company businesses, with repayment terms spanning from 1 to 10 years. Our business loans are meticulously crafted in collaboration with your dedicated broker.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

Alleviate pressure on your businesses cash flow by using our invoice finance services. Invoice Financing can be arranged completely confidentially, and your clients need not be aware of any third-party involvement.

Asset Refinance

Asset Refinance

Use Business Refinance to access cash for your business, using existing assets as security. Business Refinance is an option that is being used more and more frequently within businesses, as a means to inject cash back into the business, whilst still retaining the use of already obtained assets.

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